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Koy for President?!

The latest word on the street is that Koy did a lot of thinking and soul searching during his rehab over the past two weeks and he is now thinking of running for President of the United States in 2004. It is rumored that he is deciding between using Andy Reid or The Fonz from Happy Days as his running mate. CNN has speculated that if Koy were to announce his presidency, he could be the first candidate to win 100% of the votes.

Bic and other razor companies fear that if he is elected President, that sales of their razors would go down because of Koy's "shaving once every three weeks" policy. They fear that the rest of the nation might take up this policy in honor of their president. However on the flipside, the department store Target is very excited at this news. Sales might skyrocket with Koy as the President since he has already claimed loyalty to the store and the rest of the nation might follow the lead of their President.

With Koy as President, we could be ready for any war. Other nations may doubt his leadership skills but they would soon learn their lesson if they were to attack Koymerica (the name of the country may be changed to Koymerica in honor of the new President). Can't you imagine Koy bombing Sadaam and then doing the whippin' dance afterwards on national television? Well it could happen if Koy does indeed run for President. So as Koy ponders his decision, the nation awaits hoping for good news from him.