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Everybody in the world and their cousins can't stop talking about Koy Detmer. Koy's the hottest media topic since Tickle Me Elmo. Check out some of these great stories on Koy "Neckbeard" Detmer.

12/10/02 - Once Koy's healthy, AJ takes a seat (The Times)

12/10/02 - Detmer should play (Daily News)

12/10/02 - It's Koy's job, buddy (Inquirer)

12/05/02 - Koy hopes to stay in Philly next year (

12/05/02 - On the right path (McCall)

11/22/02 - Yup, he's sure not Ty (Daily News)

11/22/02 - Out of Ty's Shadow (Inquirer)

11/22/02 - Detmer has shaved! (Official Site)

11/22/02 - Very cool article on Koy from Philly Page 2

11/21/02 - Detmer doesn't mean doom (ABC Sports)

11/19/02 - Detmer keeping the birds in the hunt (Daily News)

11/19/02 - Moving on without McNabb (

11/19/02 - Detmer Made An Impression On Levens (Comcast SportsNet)

11/19/02 - Koy's Bandwagon (Daily News)

11/18/02 - Koy's Ready (Official Site)

11/17/02 - OK Suck It Up: Detmer Can Get It Done (Official Site)