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It's hard to pick our favorite Koy moments, there's so many. There's been so many huge field goals that Akers kicked with Koy down there holding the ball (laces out, of course). There's been the whip-cracking, the dance moves and the fake field goals. Koy has led us on a wild rollercoaster ride of a career. He's been called "The Human Highlight Film" by Pat Summeral but Pat might have been drunk at the time he said it. Anyway, here's a little collection of my favorite Detmer moments.

Detmer whips the Patriots in '99

As their season disintegrated right before their eyes, the New England Patriots appeared not to know what hit them. Koy Detmer knew.
"I just call it the whuppin' stick," the Philadelphia Eagles' third-string quarterback said after throwing a career-high three touchdown passes in a 24-9 victory over the wrecked team that used to be the Patriots...

Detmer came back and threw a 44-yard touchdown pass to the speedy Dietrich Jells to make it 24-9 in the third. Detmer took three swashbuckling steps toward the Eagles sideline and proceeded to "whip it" with gusto -- swinging his arm back and forth as if slapping someone across the face.

Detmer whips Favre...but loses

Detmer, who started in place of injured Bobby Hoying, turned and taunted the Packers after his second TD, infuriating his coach.

``I was going ballistic on the sideline because you don't do that,'' Ray Rhodes said. ``Don't get them all riled up.''

It was just the spark the Packers needed. Freeman responded by catching a 15-yard bullet from Favre and he eluded four defenders for a 33-yard TD that made it 17-13, and Favre returned Detmer's taunts.

``We were just goofing off,'' Favre said. ``He's just like his brother Ty, goofy.''

Fake FG, Detmer flips the ball over his shoulder to Akers

After a pair of drops, one by Charles Johnson and another by Torrance Small stalled a drive, Akers set up for 50-yard field goal. But Andy Reid called for a fake, and Koy Detmer flipped it blindly behind him to Akers, who sprinted 15 yards for the first down.

"What was great was, all week we practiced it, and it gave the coaches confidence to go ahead and call it, and it made it fun for us," Detmer said.

For a split-second, Akers didn't look like a kicker.

"David's a great athlete, especially as far as a kicker is concerned," Detmer said. "We wanted to use his ability, and it worked out great for us today. He got around the corner and made a big play."