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Koy vs. AJ


It's fun to gab about this "QB controversy" since it's something to talk about with fellow Eagles fans and a lot of people don't agree on. I, of course, vote to throw Koy back into the mix. Koy may be the single greatest football player to waltz onto the gridiron since Walter Payton. And you wouldn't bench Walter Payton because of injury, would you? No, of course you wouldn't. So why would you even dream of benching K-Dogg? It doesn't make sense.

Some think that Koy's only played one good game, I beg to differ because he put up some good shows back in 1998 and in 1999 too (check Koy's Greatest Moments if you don't remember).

I've also heard people saying that A.J. may be better than Koy? I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that. That's like comparing Joe Montana to Sage Rosenfelds. There is no comparison. A.J. is a third string QB and he's very good for a third stringer but he's no Koy Detmer, plain and simple. You'd never see A.J. with a beard, doing a whippin' dance on the field. You'd never see A.J. command an offense with the surgical precision of Koy Master Flex. Yes, A.J. won us two straight games so let's be thankful. But don't expect to see this kid grinning on the cover of a Wheaties box next year.

I've been reminded about the passes that receivers dropped when A.J. was in. People say that it's not his fault. Well, it is. The receivers purposely dropped those passes because A.J. isn't Koy. They are trying to send a message to Reid to bring Koy in. Of course, Koy appreciates this gesture but he doesn't need them to do that. Reid knows who the big backup on campus is and that's Koy-Diddy.

So, who will be suiting up as the starter for the last regular season game ever at the Vet this Sunday? If Koy says he is okay, he's in like flint of course. If Koy is a chump and says that his elbow still hurts, A.J. will get back in there. Of course, Koy isn't a chump so Koy will be in that game, no doubt.