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The Injury:
Dislocated Elbow

Okay, we know it's a dislocated elbow, but how long will he be out? Well, that's still unknown. I've heard theories that it could 6 weeks, I've heard theories that he'll be back this week. Andy Reid said in his press conference that they can't do an MRI yet because he can't fully extend his arm and they won't know until the MRI is done but he is doubtful as of now. He's not out yet so there's still a chance, Koy fans. Personally, I do know that my friend dislocated his knee in high school and was back playing in 2 weeks but that is just one case. If Koy's injury is similar to my friend's then I'm thinking Koy will play this week because he injured his non-throwing arm. But, I don't know, I'm not a doctor...I think. So, we'll see what happens.