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He's Baaaaaaack

Andy Reid announced the news that sent shockwaves through the Redskins organization today, 12/11/02. He informed the media that Koy Detmer would be back in holding duties. Luckily for the Redskins, he would not be healthy enough to play QB but they are aware that he is the greatest and most dangerous holder in the league.

So now that the potential Holder of the Year is back in the saddle, what does this mean for the Eagles? Well, it means that David Akers simply cannot miss, it just won't happen. Every hold will be perfect allowing Akers to do his duty. It is rumored that Akers really isn't talented and that Koy just makes Akers look that good. Well that theory was proven right as Akers missed a simple FG when Hasslebeck was holding. But now Koy is back and Akers will once again look like a Pro Bowl kicker and Koy will continue to not get consideration for a Pro Bowl holder and I will continue to wish that there was a Holder of the Year award.